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The Benefits of Combining SMS and Email Marketing 

combining sms and email marketing
January 20, 2023

With the digital world growing ever larger, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. For those looking to get ahead, combining SMS and email marketing is a great way to reach more customers and expand your business’s digital presence. Let’s take a look at why incorporating these two channels into your overall strategy can be beneficial. 

Permission-Based Messaging 

One of the best aspects of both SMS and email marketing is that they are both permission-based. This means that customers have given their express permission for you to contact them via text or email for promotional purposes.  Without this permission, not only do customers generally feel like they are being spammed, but businesses are also risking hefty fines for breaking anti-spam regulations. Permission-based messaging such as email and SMS shows customers that you respect their privacy. This is something that can go a long way in building trust in your brand. Finally, it also ensures that all communications are relevant and targeted toward those who actually want to receive them. 

List Sharing 

Another benefit of using both SMS and email together is that single customer data can be shared between the two channels. This means that list growth from one channel can be used to grow lists from the other channel as well, resulting in a larger customer base overall. All of this data can then be used for segmentation, targeting, and analysis. That information will allow you to get an even better understanding of your customers’ needs and preferences.  

Multiple Messaging Channels  

By combining both SMS and email marketing, you are essentially doubling your chances of reaching more customers with every campaign you launch. Sending out multiple messages through different mediums helps ensure that each customer receives the same message twice. This strategy increasing its effectiveness by broadening its reach. This also gives customers options when it comes to how they interact with your brand—allowing them to choose whether they prefer text or email messages—and improves customer satisfaction in the process.  

Reach More Customers 

One of the biggest advantages of combining SMS and email is that it gives businesses the opportunity to reach more customers on multiple messaging channels simultaneously. In today’s world where people consume content from multiple devices throughout the day – both via mobile phones and desktops — businesses need to be able to create campaigns that span across several communication channels if they want to remain competitive with other companies vying for their customer’s attention. By using both emails and texts together in their campaigns, marketers can ensure their message gets delivered across all platforms without any additional effort on their part.  

Quick Responses with SMS 

SMS can also be used as a tool for quick responses from customers who may not have access to email or don’t check their inbox regularly enough to respond quickly. With an estimated 97% open rate within three minutes of delivery (compared to 22% open rate for emails), text messages offer an excellent way for businesses to get instant feedback from customers who might otherwise not have been able to provide it in time due to other obligations or distractions. 

Combining SMS and email opens up many opportunities for marketers looking to reach more customers with less effort. From obtaining permission-based messaging consent on both platforms simultaneously, sharing data between them easily, reaching customers on multiple devices at once, and offering quick responses through text messages when needed – there are many benefits of using both these mediums together in order increase engagement levels among prospects and existing customers alike! So take advantage of all these benefits by incorporating both SMS & email into your marketing efforts today with the help of $29 Text!


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