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Avoid These Common Text Message Marketing Mistakes

common text message marketing mistakes
April 14, 2023

Is your business considering incorporating text message marketing into its overall marketing strategy? Great choice, especially considering the average 98% open rate of marketing text messages. However, any time you venture into unfamiliar territory, there is always the risk of committing some avoidable mistakes. In this blog post, we’ll discuss common text message marketing mistakes beginners make and share what you should do instead. Following these guidelines will make your SMS marketing campaigns more effective, leading to better results for your business.

Not Obtaining Permission

The first and most important rule of text message marketing is to obtain permission from recipients before you ever send them a message. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requires businesses to obtain express written consent from users before sending them promotional messages. Customers must be given a clear choice to opt in, usually with a short code, keyword, or web form. It can also be done by having a double opt-in system or by requiring customers to provide their mobile numbers during the subscription process. Failing to obtain permission can lead not only to annoyed customers but even possible legal issues.

Sending Too Many Messages

One of the major reasons companies love text message marketing is that it offers direct access to customers’ inboxes. However, it can be easy to overuse this ability. Bombarding customers with numerous text messages can be a surefire way to end up in the spam folder or, worse, have your number blocked. It’s crucial that you strike the right balance when sending out promotional messages. Like most things in life, less is more.

Overlooking Customization

The power of personalization in all marketing strategies cannot be overstated. When it comes to text message marketing, personalization could mean something as simple as addressing the customer by their name. Or, it could mean remembering items they have purchased previously and might be interested in repurchasing. Customizing your text messages helps create a sense of exclusivity and allows customers to feel valued. In addition, make sure the content of your texts resonates with a customer’s interests, preferences, and needs. When you treat your customers as individuals, you enhance engagement, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

Lacking a Clear Call to Action

Every text message you send should have a clear goal in mind. Without it, your message could easily get lost in the shuffle. Your call to action (CTA) should clearly guide customers exactly where you want them to go. The CTA should be concise, easily understandable, and stand out from the rest of the text. Some examples of calls to action include phrases like “Shop Now,” “Learn More,” or “Book Your Appointment Today.” Including a strong CTA in your messages can significantly increase response rates and improve the efficiency of your campaigns.

Forgetting About Timing

Timing is often the difference between a successful text message marketing campaign and a failed one. Sending text messages during the early hours of the morning, late at night, or even during work hours can come across as intrusive. Doing so is likely to irritate customers and cause them to unsubscribe. The best practice is to do research to find the optimal time to send your messages. It should be the time that your audience is most receptive. This might vary depending on who your audience is. But generally speaking, the best time is the early evening, when people are winding down from work, or on weekends when schedules are more relaxed.

Make SMS Marketing Easy With $29 Text

When done right, text message marketing can bring great results to your business. When you’re mindful of these common mistakes, you can create a plan that helps you avoid them. Thus, you will build a better foundation for your campaign. Remember to follow opt-in regulations, exercise moderation, personalize your messages, include a clear call to action, and choose the optimal time for sending messages. By doing so, you’re well on your way to a text message marketing strategy that engages your customers and helps your business thrive.


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