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Quarter 4 SMS Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

Quarter 4 SMS Marketing Statistics You Need to Know
October 6, 2023

Are you a small business owner planning to launch an SMS marketing campaign in the coming quarter? Or are you simply trying to figure out how effective SMS marketing can be in your business? Whatever the case, this blog post is for you. In this post, we’ll be discussing some of the key SMS marketing statistics for Quarter 4 that you should be aware of as a small business owner. From the open rates to conversion rates, we’ll cover it all. Let’s dive in!

SMS Open Rates: 

According to recent studies, SMS marketing has an open rate of 98%. This means that almost all the messages you send to your customers via SMS are being opened. For context, this open rate is significantly higher than email open rates which hover around 20%. This shows the effectiveness of SMS marketing in getting your customers’ attention.

Increased Conversion Rates:

In an age where consumers have hundreds of choices, a high conversion rate is a key metric to measure success. The latest SMS marketing statistics indicate that SMS campaigns have an average conversion rate of 45%. This translates to almost every second person who received your SMS taking action on the promotion. So, it’s safe to say that SMS marketing can effectively drive traffic, leads and sales for your business.


One of the biggest advantages of SMS marketing is its affordability. Sending out bulk messages requires minimal staff resources, and the cost per SMS is often meager. According to studies, SMS marketing has a return on investment (ROI) as high as 36 times for every dollar invested in sending SMS. This makes SMS marketing one of the most cost-effective marketing channels available for small businesses.

Increased Engagement:

SMS marketing is one of the most interactive marketing channels as it provides an immediate call-to-action (CTA) for customers. With just a single click, customers can visit your website, subscribe to your service, or purchase your product. This instant engagement is what makes SMS marketing so effective for small businesses. It allows you to build deeper relationships with your customers.


In the age of personalisation, SMS marketing can enable you to tailor content to each individual customer based on their purchasing behavior, interests and location. Customers are more likely to engage with a message that is specifically designed for them and meets their needs. Recent statistics show that personalized SMS campaigns have an average conversion rate of 58%.

In summary, SMS marketing has proven to be a highly effective tool for small businesses. With high open rates, improved conversion rates, cost-effectiveness, increased engagement and personalisation, SMS marketing is an essential component of any marketing strategy. By leveraging SMS marketing in your business, you can create deeper relationships with your customers, grow your business, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

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