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How to Get Customer Reviews Through Text

get customer reviews through text
March 24, 2023

Reviews and customer feedback is extremely important to any business’s success. Research has repeatedly shown that positive reviews can have a huge impact on consumers’ trust and improve conversion rates. While there are a number of ways to go about getting customer feedback, SMS might be one of the best. The reason is simple, it’s because the majority of people have their phones with them almost every minute of the day. So it makes sense that asking for reviews through text messages is a great idea. Keep reading to find out how to go about asking for customer reviews in your texts.

Set Goals

Know the specific goal you want to accomplish. Do you want to drive people to leave a Google review because that will help your search engine rankings? Or do you want them to leave a review specific to a certain product they purchased, which you will feature on your website? Each goal will require different language in order to be effective.

Personalize Your Message

Getting someone to leave a review will be easier when you personalize the message to them. Address them by name, mention the products they’ve purchased from you, or add other personal content. This will add a human touch to your messages and make them more likely to actually leave the review.

Use CTAs

As with any marketing message, it’s essential that your text requesting a review also has a clear call to action. Make it clear whether you want them to reply to your text, click a link to your website, or visit a third-party survey website. Explain briefly what they can expect and then include the link to make the process as easy as possible. As a tip, you probably want to avoid asking about 5-star reviews specifically. That can make you seem presumptuous and discourage them from leaving the review.

Get to the Point

We know, the more information, the better. It would be great if you could gather answers to 20 different questions from each of your customers. Unfortunately, most people do not have the patience for that. Generally, it’s best to keep the number of questions to a minimum. And even better, use multiple choice questions that eliminate the need for the reviewer to type in their own answer.

Send at the Right Time

All the effort you put into this text message could be for nothing if you don’t send it at the right time. The timing could be the key to making the message convert. When the right time to send the message is will depend on your business and the type of product or service you provide. For example, if you offer food delivery, you’ll want to ask for a review quickly. Asking for that a week or even a day later would lower your chances of being successful. On the other hand, asking to review a new software program after one day would be way too soon. In that case, it would be better to wait until the user has had time to get used to the program and see how it works for them.

Thank Them

Last but not least, you should always thank whoever does leave a review. They took the time to give you information that could help your business in the future and convince potential customers to purchase from you and that deserves a thank you. Some companies might even include a discount on their next purchase in the thank you.

Ask for Reviews Using $29 Text

$29 Text’s easy-to-use software makes asking for reviews a simple and easy part of your text message marketing strategy. We allow you to utilize SMS surveys as well as include shortened links, if you’d like to redirect them to your Facebook page, for example. Sign up for a free trial with $29 Text to see how it can work for you!


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